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Zotero no longer working with vLib records

after upgrading to Firefox 17 the download-record-to-Zotero icon may presently fail to appear in the navigation bar

vLib full record Zotero icon

for more information see

you may wish to update your MODS translator immediately by following the link and instructions provided by Zotero developer Dan Stillman

we understand that the updated version of the translator will be rolled out soon

Some appetite for Table of Contents feeds?

Over the last years, many academic publishers introduced web syndication formats like RSS and Atom to provide their users with Table of Contents (TOC) alerting services. Due to the wide adoption of feed formats in the web, this trend promotes metadata reuse in many ways:

  1. Individual users may subscribe to TOC feeds in a reader client to receive information about recent publications. They can also apply web tools (like xfruits) to aggregate feeds and convert them to another message format.
  2. Website owners may use syndication services to dynamically integrate article information into their applications. For an example, check the homepage of the National Library of Health Sciences at the University of Helsinki (FeedNavigator boxes).

How to discover TOC feeds without searching each publisher’s homepage one after another? The ticTOCs project collected more than 12,000 journal feeds from over 400 publishers and offers an intuitive web interface on the top. In addition, the project team was broad-minded enough to share the source data with the community in order to ensure that journal feeds "osmose" into as many environments as possible. This strategy proved to be successful: the ticTOCs data is reused by numerous systems, including OCLC’s xISSN service, a Google application as well as library catalogs at Jönköping University or Wageningen UR

… and finally we managed to load the data into the MPG/SFX link resolver as well, see for an example:

screen shot of sfx menu

However, one question remains: What will happen to the ticTOCs service now – after project end? Ed Pentz announced in the CrossRef Quarterly from May 2009 that "CrossRef is now investigating hosting the service on an ongoing basis", see version cached by Google. Currently, the ticTOCs homepage lacks an option to report problems or corrections, so the service manly relies on harvesting publisher websites. Will this be enough to keep the service up-to-date and unambiguous?

Citation Linker has grown up

Most of you have already been introduced to the Citation Linker which is a simple tool to access MPG/SFX services for a known reference by entering information manually. The number of monthly SFX requests per sources prove that the Citation Linker (“CITATION”) is very frequently used and therefore it was not really surprising to receive enhancement requests for this tool.

Your wish is our command! Please welcome two additional tabs on the citation linker form:
screen shot of tabs in citation linker

  • Chapter helps you entering data for items published in a book, see example.
  • Patent allows the location of issued patents and patent applications, see example.

Please note that only a limited number of services are available for the two object types, especially for patent literature. But maybe adding the tabs will lead to more requests related to these genres which would be a good reason to add additional services. Let’s see…

vLib resource feeds

Resources referenced under are available as feeds in RSS 2.0 format.

Resource feeds may be created by applying the usual filters to the complete list of resources as they appear in vLib.

Feeds are either created on the fly, for example, by requesting all Full Text Databases, or they can be addressed as static feeds which are updated daily, for example resources recently added or complete list of resources (A-Z).

Local views exist for every feed.

Please see for detailed information.

DOI CookiePusher

The new version of the MPG/SFX Server went into production today and introduced a new feature called the DOI CookiePusher. As a result, it may happen to you that clicking on a DOI link – e.g. doi:10.1016/j.jmmm.2004.11.295 – opens a sfx menu instead of directly connecting you to the publisher’s web site. The advantage is, that the MPG/SFX menu will provide you with a set of relevant services for the particular reference. Thus, if no electronic full text is available, you still may check for a print holding or order the document via your local library.

Please note: The feature requires that a cookie has been set on your computer before. Disallowing "" to set cookies will prevent you from being redirected to MPG/SFX.

More detailed information on the DOI CookiePusher is available on the vLib project pages (in German only).