DOI CookiePusher

The new version of the MPG/SFX Server went into production today and introduced a new feature called the DOI CookiePusher. As a result, it may happen to you that clicking on a DOI link – e.g. doi:10.1016/j.jmmm.2004.11.295 – opens a sfx menu instead of directly connecting you to the publisher’s web site. The advantage is, that the MPG/SFX menu will provide you with a set of relevant services for the particular reference. Thus, if no electronic full text is available, you still may check for a print holding or order the document via your local library.

Please note: The feature requires that a cookie has been set on your computer before. Disallowing "" to set cookies will prevent you from being redirected to MPG/SFX.

More detailed information on the DOI CookiePusher is available on the vLib project pages (in German only).