vLib4 Release ante portas

On 17th of April, we will launch a new version of the vLib portal which bases on the MetaLib software developed by ExLibris.

Feel free to check out a previiew under http://vlib3.mpg.de (no longer available) and to provide us with your feedback – via submitting a comment to this post or by filling our the vLib contact form.

The upcoming version will introduce following features and improvements:

  • Integration of RSS feeds for resource lists in the vLib portal. More information is available on our project pages.
  • Installation of search plug-in directly from the QuickSearch interface. Just click the button below a quick set to add the corresponding plug-in to your browser.
    screen shot of button
  • Improved web accessibility of the vLib user interface.
  • Extended export functionalities, i.e. support of various character sets.

Further changes:

  • The default search syntax changes from "phrase" to "keyword", thus if you enter several terms they will automatically combined by AND. To search for a phrase, enter it in quotation marks. Please avoid entering operators like AND, OR and NOT within a search field.
  • The keyword index for resources is no longer available. After releasing the new interface, the subject categories will be extended to incorporate the the former keywords.
  • Personalization features like "MyDatabases" and "MySettings" have been moved to the MySpace area.