Missing MPG/SFX in PubMed?

NCBI PubMed is a resource free available to everybody without any subscription or registration. Therefore, we cannot specify MPG/SFX as the default link resolver for all users from the MPG – as we do so for resources on subscription base. Anyway, entering the database via a special URL allows you to access MPG/SFX services directly from PubMed’s record pages:


If you don’t want to remember the above URL all th time, you may choose one of the following entry points which set the parameter automatically:

A note for MPG librarians: If you are providing a link to PubMed from your library’s homepage, you may want to update this as well

One thought on “Missing MPG/SFX in PubMed?”

  1. Today, MPG/SFX disappeared in PubMed due to an transient system glitch which already has been resolved by the NCBI. While investigating the issue, I noticed another detail which might of of interest to MPG staff: Users with an My NCBI account can add MPG/SFX buttons to their saved searches alerts by

    * configuring the MPG/SFX server as personal outside tool (blue sidebar -> My NCBI -> Outside Tool)

    * and changing the format from Summary to Abstract when setting up an email alert

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