Extended metasearches enabled in vLib

To enable extended metasearches, and thus to emphasize the big asset of metasearching (which is covering the widest possible range of information sources in the course of carrying out a single search) the number of resources searchable simultaneously via vLib has been increased significantly.

This enables creating overall search interfaces such as, for example, a search across all MPG Library Catalogs available at


which may be useful to locate a needle in a haystack.

Of course, users will be deciding whether the usability of huge metasearch interfaces is acceptable. Hence we are curious to have some feedback.

One thought on “Extended metasearches enabled in vLib”

  1. Liebe Vliber,

    ich find´s prächtig. Performance ist auch ok. Für mulitdiziplinäre arbeitende Einrichtungen ein Segen, viele Kataloge abgrasen zu können.

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